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Danes can't help forming associations

For more than a hundrede years, Danes have established associations; for private as well as professional/business reasons. The Sports Federation of Denmark, Dansk Idrætsforening, formed in 1986 was the first - and ever since, it has been virtually impossible for Danes to connect over shared interests without forming an association.

It is our constitutional right that everyone can form an association without applying for permission.

Be it sports, scouts, stamps, knitting, painting, singing, politics, discussion, foods, businesses or psychotherapy for that matter, you will find an association. Associations are private, but many receive public funding to make them more accessible for the public to participate in.

Associations play a vital part in local community; they promote proximity amongst people in a local area or people sharing the same interest. Joining in is a great opportunity for expat children and their parents to socialise, have fun and bond with Danes. Another one of modern children's villages.

In children’s associations, youngsters and their leaders form a community based on interests rather than academics. Not only does this offer children a chance to excel or have fun outside of a school setting, it also allows them to make friends with children with similar interests.

As an expat, allowing your children to take part in a club is a gateway for learning about Danish culture, getting closer to Danes and to learn the language. So check out your local community and get involved.

Check out your local associations


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