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The Good Expat Advice by Henriette Johnsen

My newsletter advice column

As expats and humans, we are faced with a number of challenges throughout life. Some are small, some are big, and some might seem impossible to overcome. My mission is to help you overcome some of those challenges so you can live your best (expat) life.

Submit your anonymous question in the form below for a chance of free advice on emotional and psychological aspects of expat life - from former expat for more than 10 years and experienced psychotherapist, Henriette Johnsen. 

Each month, I will answer one question in my newsletter and do my best to guide you through your challenges. Hopefully, this will help not only you, but other expats as well.

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The Good Expat Advice

Fill out this anonymous form for a chance to receive advice in my newsletter

Thank you for opening up and sharing your challenges with me and others.

Submissions are not guaranteed to be featured in my newsletter, and those that are will not necessarily appear in the order they are submitted in. Please also note, that I do not engage in any further correspondence about submissions included and replied to in newsletters. You are of course always welcome to contact me to inquire about therapy sessions.

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