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Privacy & GDPR

The Good Expat Life by Henriette Johnsen handles personal information in the following manner:

  • All personal information as well as session notes are anonymised and handwritten. Session notes are stored in a locked metal cabinet.

  • GDPR forms and client information forms are kept in a locked metal cabinet stored in a different location from the session notes.

  • If you have contacted Henriette Johnsen via the contactform on the website the information you have submitted will be stored on Wix's server. When Henriette Johnsen has read your message and contacted you via encrypted e-mail, the information will be deleted from the server.

  • Henriette Johnsen keeps personal information including session notes for 5 years from the end of the month where therapy is ended. When that period expires, all notes are shredded.

  • Upon written request addressed to Henriette Johnsen, a client can access their notes. If the content of the notes is incorrect, Henriette Johnsen will change these upon receipt of a written request to do so.

  • Enrolment forms for personal empowerment groups are kept in line with this guideline and will be shredded when the course is finished.

  • Everything disclosed and discussed remain under confidentiality, and Henriette Johnsen does not disclose nor pass on personal information to third parties. Upon written request addressed to Henriette Johnsen, a client can require personal information passed on to a third party. A fee will be charge for this service.

  • Only in case of suicidal thoughts and/or thoughts of criminal acts, will Henriette Johnsen breach confidentiality and speak to the client's GP (General Practitioner; your family doctor) or the Police. If possible, Henriette Johnsen will not do so without having discussed so with her client. For the purpose of this, Henriette Johnsen will store contact information for clients' GP; this information will be stored in accordance with storage of session notes, but separate from these due to confidentiality.

  • If the client wishes for their personal information to be deleted before the end of the above mentioned 5 years, Henriette Johnsen will do so upon written request addressed to Henriette Johnsen. Such request will be kept indefinitely.

  • Except for the client's name, mobile number and e-mail address as well as correspondance in relation to setting up sessions and payment for these, Henriette Johnsen does not communicate any personal details over e-mail or text message. Henriette Johnsen will not be held responsible for any personal information, clients may disclose over e-mail or text message; and Henriette Johnsen will delete such messages upon having read them. Henriette Johnsen encourages all clients to not reveal personal information via e-mail or text message.

  • Communication around setting up appointments can be conducted via encrypted e-mail using and text message; Henriette Johnsen will delete such after the completion of said appointment(s).

  • Name, e-mail and telephone number exempt, Henriette Johnsen will not store any personal information digitally.

  • Henriette Johnsen keeps an analog diary in which the client's initials are used to indicate appointments.

  • All sessions are completely confidential between the client and Henriette Johnsen. A paying employer does not have access to content discussed in sessions.

  • Online sessions are conducted on Zoom which is recommened by EAP, European Association of Psychotherapy. Henriette Johnsen will set up the meeting and send the client the login information in a coded, encrypted e-mail. The client's name or any other personal details will not appear in Zoom. All sessions are set up using the client's initials and are password protected. Neither the client, nor Henriette Johnsen will record the session.

  • After the first session, Henriette Johnsen will ask the client to read and sign a printed version of the above.

Cookie Policy

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