Why have therapy as an expat?


Expats are faced with the same struggles as people who have lived all their lives in the same neighbourhood: relationship difficulties, divorce, stress, anxiety, depression. The list goes on, and when far away from one's usual support network, problems can amplify. Adding to that, expat life comes with a whole host of potential problems and can become overwhelming to deal with. 

I can help you deal with these problems. As a UK trained therapist, I offer psychotherapy and counselling in English for expats in Denmark. Read more about me here.


When the honeymoon phase wears off, I can help

​Deciding to try out life in a foreign country is as exhilarating as daunting. The pre-departure phase is packed with planning, preparation and packing alongside lots of farewells to loved ones. During this phase, many expats experience a mixture of excitement, enthusiasm and trepidation.

The first month of expat life is often experienced as a red-carpet welcome, which leads to enthusiasm and looking at one’s new environment through rose-tinted glasses. However, once the honeymoon phase wears off, feelings of identity loss, isolation and loneliness, bewilderment, restlessness and disenchantment can surface. These feelings often feed skepticism and frustration making it difficult to maintain hope that expatriation was the right adventure to have embarked on.

At such times, and at times, where life is challenging regardless of living in a foreign country, talking to a therapist can help. You can benefit from my ongoing support and willingness to stay with you during difficult times, and it can allow you to explore what might be keeping you from leading a more authentic and satisfactory expat life.

I am bilingual in Danish and English and provide therapy in English tailored to your needs, face to face or online sessions. My services include:

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