Couples counselling in English

Many couples struggle with communication. Some have different perceptions of (expat) life and their dreams. Some find raising children a struggle. Others experience infidelity and other breaches of trust whilst some are faced with trauma and other challenges so overwhelming they put a lasting strain on the relationship. Some grow apart and have lost their spark for each other. All couples go through ups and downs, and when living abroad there might be an extra layer of challenges to face. 

The common denominator for many couples is that they have lost their emotional connection, and what used to seem like a secure attachment now feels like a mutual frustration causing loneliness within the relationship.

All couples have conflicts; it's inevitable. It's how you deal with and recover from these that matters in relation to longterm satisfaction in your relationship. At times, being in a relationship is hard work, and it can be as exhausting and as burdensome as a break up as well as have far-reaching consequences for everyone in the family.

I offer couples counselling in Odense C and whatever you grapple with, you can enhance your relationship by working towards a more secure emotional connection with your partner whilst facing the challenges of expat life together. By helping you to really listen to each other, bespoke therapy can help you better understand each other's perspective, deepen your friendship, romantic bond and intimacy as well as address your specific issues and concerns.

In couples counselling, it's your relationship, and not the two of you as individuals, which is in therapy. Together, we will establish your struggles, your goals as well as your dreams for your relationship and your life together. Perhaps you already have a clear idea of these, perhaps not. You may also not agree on what you want to work on.

When we have established these, we will start exploring what you both bring to the relationship. and how this may affect your problems. By working on bettering the communication between you, you will have a unique opportunity to better understand each other, enhance your friendship and deepen the romantic and intimate bond between you as well as address your specific concerns and challenges. We will also look at how you can begin to change things between you, in sessions and outside of sessions.

I offer couples counselling in English so that you can make the most of your expat adventure as a couple. The aim is that towards the end of therapy, you will:

  • have gained a greater understanding of yourselves and each other.

  • have achieved insight into your individual contributions to your relationship, how you affect each other and how you best support yourselves and each other.

  • have learnt how to conduct difficult and challenging conversations on your own without ending in unsolvable conflicts.


Depending on your needs, I offer short-term (6-12 sessions) as well as longer-term, open-ended therapy for couples.


For therapy to have a positive outcome, regularity and continuity in attendance are important; usually, I recommend biweekly sessions, but other arrangements can be discussed.

Sessions are 90 minutes long. The fee for a single session is DKK 1.400. After an initial session, if booked and paid at the same time, I offer the following deal for couples counselling:


  • 5 sessions DKK 6.500

Unless otherwise agreed, these sessions must be held within a three months period from the payment date. You may also continue by booking single sessions at DKK 1.400 per session.

The fee is payable either in cash or by Mobile Pay on 85936 prior to or at the beginning of each session. Alternatively, a bank transfer can be made in due time before the session. Booked, but unpaid sessions will not be conducted.

Cancellations, missed sessions and lateness

Whilst I am sensitive to the fact that an emergency may occur, late cancellation, absenteeism and lateness reduce my ability to offer you the best possible therapy as well as may reduce my ability to accommodate the scheduling needs of my other clients. As such, I request your full cooperation with the following policy:


Any sessions missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice by a client will have to be paid for in full. The same applies if a client is late in which case the session will not be extended but kept within the time frame for the planned session.

Furthermore, 2 consecutive absences without advanced notification may result in the cancellation of all your remaining scheduled appointments, as such failures may negatively impact your treatment plan.


In the event that I have to cancel a session, I will aim to rearrange within the same week, but if that is not possible, I will not charge you for the session.

Contact me

If you have questions or would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me here for an initial chat on the phone.


Unless otherwise agreed, sessions are held at Baumgartensvej 46, 5000 Odense C. There is parking in front of the clinic and good public transportation to the clinic.

Please take a seat in the entrance hall where I will pick you up from.