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Therapy, counselling, and coaching
in English for expats and employers

Helping expats thrive and live their best lives.

Let me help you too! My name is Henriette Johnsen, I’m a psychotherapist educated in England and fluent in both English and Danish. I’m also a former expat with more than 10 years of experience. This, combined with my extensive knowledge of cross-cultural life makes me uniquely qualified to help you lead your best (expat) life. 

Henriette is a lovely, warm and empathic person with her heart in the right place and a strong and persistent professionalism which she never compromises. A therapist who with her whole heart is committed to giving you, the client, the best therapy – ALWAYS!

- Anne Katrine Kruse Buch, authorised psychologist,
cand. psych & owner of Odense Psykologpraksis

As exciting as it is, expat life can be overwhelming.

I know, I've been there! As a former expat, I know that uprooting your life and moving to a new country can lead to feelings of isolation, identity loss, and loneliness. And if not dealt with, this can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. It can come to eclipse all the positives of being an expat: the adventures, exciting experiences, and new friends. I can help you deal with these challenges and bring back the joy of being an expat.

It is my ambition to help expats like yourself live your most meaningful life, true to your values and beliefs. In addition to being a former expat myself, I am also an experienced therapist with a first-class honours degree in psychotherapeutic counselling. I'm bilingual and offer counselling and psychotherapy in English and Danish both online and from my clinic in Odense C.

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Sometimes, the adventure isn’t
what you expected.

As an expat, you not only have to deal with the regular ups and downs of life but also the added challenges of being far away from your comfort zone and usual support system. When the honeymoon feeling wears off, many find themselves isolated and estranged in their new country. Some experience that old wounds and problems resurface; and it’s tempting to regret the decision to move abroad.  If this is how you’re feeling, know that expat life has the potential to be an amazing experience. I can help you realise your amazing adventure.

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Through my services, it’s my ambition to help you on your expat journey.
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Individual therapy

Become the best version of yourself, enhance your self-worth, and create a life true to your values and dreams. 

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Couples therapy

Build a stronger foundation for your relationship and gain a greater understanding of each other.

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Online therapy

Get the help you need from the comfort of your home - no matter where in the world you might be.

Not only was Henriette respectfully and non-judgmentally curious about our cultural differences, she is also empathic and validating, appropriately challenging, and very knowledgeable of life abroad. I give her my best recommendations and wouldn’t hesitate contacting her again should I need further support. 

- A.S., 42 year-old female from India

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