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How is expat life in Denmark treating you?
Therapy in English for expats

As exciting as it is, expat life can also be overwhelming. Uprooting your life and moving to a different country can lead to feelings of isolation, disconnection from yourself and others, of not being enough, loneliness, identity loss, anxiety, and depression. And if not dealt with, these feelings can come to eclipse all the positives of being an expat: the adventures, exciting experiences, and new friends. I can help you deal with these challenges in therapy and bring back the joy of being an expat in Denmark so that you can make the most of your time here.

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My name is Henriette Johnsen and I am an experienced English-speaking therapist with a first-class honours degree in psycho-therapeutic Counselling. I am Danish by birth, but have lived in England for more than a decade. I am bilingual and offer counselling and psychotherapy in English both online and from my clinic in Odense C.

I specialise in the challenges of living abroad, be it as an immigrant or an expat. I have extensive experience with expat life myself which, combined with my teaching skills and therapeutic counselling and coaching skills, qualifies me to help expats make the most of their time in Denmark. I offer both individual counselling and therapy, as well as couples therapy, family constellation and personal empowerment course for trailing spouses; all in English.

How to live the good expat life

As an expat, you do not only have to deal with the regular ups and downs of life (those can be difficult enough) but also the added challenges of expat life - far away from your comfort zone and usual support system. When the initial honeymoon feeling wears off, many expats find themselves isolated and estranged in their new country and may even regret the decision to move. If this is similar to how you’re feeling, know that expat life has the potential to be an amazing experience. 

Establishing a new network of both locals and fellow expats is an important starting point, and on my blog you can find a long list of posts with advice on how to successfully settle down in Denmark. You are also more than welcome to contact me for a non-binding telephone consultation about how I can help you further on your expat journey.


Therapy during expatriation is an opportunity to not only better your expat life, but life in general. With individual therapy sessions in English you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, your thought patterns, and coping mechanisms. This leads to a stronger sense of self and as such you will be better able to emotionally regulate yourself in challenging situations resulting in better self-worth, self-confidence and self-image.


Just as well as psychotherapy can pave the way for personal growth, couples counselling in English can enhance and deepen your emotional connection to each other to better deal with the challenges of couple life be it at home or abroad.

If you’re not able to come to Odense or for other reasons prefer not to meet face to face, I offer online therapy in English as well. You can read more about how online therapy works here.

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