How is expat life treating you?

As exciting as it is, expat life can also be overwhelming. Uprooting your life and moving to a different country can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, identity loss, anxiety and depression.  I can help you deal with these challenges and bring back the joy of being an expat in Denmark.

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My name is Henriette Johnsen and I am an experienced therapist with a first class honours degree in Psycho-therapeutic Counselling. I am Danish by birth, but have lived in England for more than a decade. I am bilingual and offer counselling and psychotherapy in English.

I specialise in the challenges of living abroad, be it as an immigrant or an expat. I have extensive experience with expat life which, combined with my teaching skills and therapeutic counselling and coaching skills, qualifies me to help expats make the most of their time in Denmark. I offer both individual counselling and therapy, as well as couples therapy, family constallation and personal empowerment course for trailing spouses; all in English.

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