Teletherapy/online therapy

Though I prefer meeting and conducting sessions face to face, I also recognise that sometimes this is inconvenient - and at times like the current corona crises, impossible.

Therefore, I do conduct teletherapy/online therapy. This is done in line with the recommendations from the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP).

Teletherapy/online therapy is done via Zoom which the EAP deems highly secure as it meets the very high standards of “HIPAA” - the USA legal system for online security.

How does teletherapy/online therapy work?

Prior to a session, I will set up the session in Zoom and send you the login details in an encrypted e-mail. There is no need for you to download Zoom; just follow the link in the encrypted e-mail which will contain the session ID as well as the password needed to enter the session.

Your name or any other personal details will not appear in Zoom.  All sessions are set up using your initials and are password protected. I don't record sessions and don't accept you making a recording either.


Please be on time for the session; as in my physical practice, any lateness will be considered to be part of the 50 minutes allocated to the session.

For you to make the most of teletherapy/online therapy, please be mindful of the following:​

  • Find a private, secure place for the session.

  • Ensure no one else can see the screen, nor overhear the sound.

  • Be aware of speaking too loudly.

  • If on a shared computer/phone, you may want to clear your browser history to make sure others don't breach your privacy.

Fees, payment and cancellation of teletherapy/online sessions

Fees and cancellation policy are the same as in my physical practice; all payments should be made prior to the online session. See information about individual therapy and couples counselling for further details.