Expat workshops for organisations and businesses


Learn how to best support your international staff and their families.

According to research, up to 70 % of all failed expatriations are due to lack of marital or family well-being caused by circumstances of expat life. Don’t let your organisation be part of this statistic: Make sure your expats and their families are happy with their lives in Denmark.

To help organisations and businesses support their international staff, I conduct workshops on various aspects of expat life, including:

  • Expat life and identity

  • Expat empowerment

  • Life of an expat spouse: How to best embrace challenges and opportunities

  • Life as an expat family: expatriation and repatriation

Contact me for a chat about how I can help you support your international staff and their spouses and families!


Please feel free to contact me regarding a non-binding offer for a bespoke expat workshop on one or more of the above mentioned themes. You are also welcome to enquire about other subjects.

You can contact me by filling out my contact form here or by e-mailing me on henriettejohnsen@protonmail.com.