• Henriette Johnsen

Do Danish Babies Sleep Outside?

Updated: Sep 26

Many moons ago, a young Danish mother was arrested for leaving her child to nap in a pushchair outside a New York restaurant whilst she and the child’s father were inside enjoying a drink. For opposite reasons, this story shocked parents in The States as well as in Denmark.

All my children have slept outside in prams and pushchairs - much to people’s surprise, this is what we do in Denmark. We enjoy enough safety and freedom to leave our children to sleep outside for them to have as much fresh air as possible; in The States, this is seen as dangerous children’s neglect.

My English health visitor was mortified when she learned that my new born napped on the patio. After having looked into the matter, she agreed not to discuss this anymore as long as I promised not to leave my child unattended on the street side of the house.

If you wish to let your baby sleep outside, be aware of the recommendations and restrictions. You can find advice from The Danish Health Board here or you can speak to your health visitor.

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