Family Constellation workshop

Join my family constellation workshop for a chance to understand and improve the dynamics of your family! This particular therapeutic approach can help you see your family dynamics from the outside, giving you new perspective and help resolve issues such as:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • low self-esteem

  • loneliness

  • expat challenges

  • taking on too much responsibility

  • problems with asking for help

  • difficulties with a (ex)partner

  • complicated relationships with parents

  • being a child of divorced parents

  • and much more

What is family constellation?

Family constellation is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal and heal the hidden dynamics in families. Sometimes, when left untreated, trauma or dysfunctional patterns can be passed down through generations and hinder personal growth and well-being for current and future generations.


Family constellations are often conducted in groups, but you don't need to bring your own family. By having group members representing your family, you can see your family dynamics from the outside and reveal as well as heal stressors impacting the quality of your life and relationships. 


When one family member changes their perspective as a result of this experience, the dynamics of the whole family often begin to change in a more positive direction.

How does it work?

Facilitated by expat specialist: English-speaking counsellor, psychotherapist MDF and group facilitator, former expat Henriette Johnsen.


Over the course of two days, every participant will get the opportunity to set up their own family of origin or present family depending on the theme or issue the participant brings to the workshop.


As facilitator of this process, I will start by asking you some questions to gain an overview of your family history:

  • What in life is difficult to deal with?

  • Which change(s) would you like to experience in yourself?

  • For a family constellation to be truly effectful, what should be significantly different from your current situation?

  • What has happened in your family?

You will then proceed to choose members of the group to represent yourself and significant members of your family in relation to your chosen theme. Upon having placed the representatives according to the dynamics between them, you will witness the unfolding of your family dynamics.


Often towards the end of the process, the client will swap places with their own representative and enter their family constellation in order for emotionally needed reparative work to take place. The work ends when everyone in the constellation has found their place and is feeling comfortable with this.


Most often, the process feels very real, almost as if the different family members are indeed present; and as such, it is very intense. It is a very heartfelt experience, and participants also benefit greatly from being representatives in others' family constellation. This can be an immensely rewarding experience for all parties.


There will be a code of conduct which all participants must commit to adhere to in order to make the group a safe and emotionally secure and supportive community. For all, it is key that the participants, to the best of their ability, embrace and support each other. What happens over the weekend is confidential, and participants can only discuss their own experience outside the room.

Are you ready to shake your family tree?

Practical information and enrollment

Course dates are found below.

To enroll on a weekend course and have your own family constellation done, please make the payment according to the below instructions and fill in this contact form.

I will send you a GPDR form as well as an invoice serving as documentation for your enrollment.


Unless otherwise agreed, sessions are held at Baumgartensvej 46, 5000 Odense C. There is parking in front of the clinic and good public transportation to the clinic.

Course dates

On hold due to covid-19


The cost of a weekend course is DKR 2.000,00 (including 25% VAT). To secure your place on a weekend, the total cost is to be paid upon enrollment.

There will be tea and coffee at the venue. Participants bring their own lunch; there's a supermarket across the street from the venue.

Payment can be made by either Mobile Pay to 85936 The Good Expat Life v/Henriette Johnsen or by bank transfer to the following account:

Reg. nr. 9219 Account number 2190056840

For international transfers IBAN DK3192192190056840; SWIFT-adresse/BIC:SPNODK22; all costs to be held by the course participant.

Remember to type in your name and course name, e.g. "H. Johnsen 4, 2020". Once your payment has come through, I'll e-mail you a confirmation of your enrolment as well as an invoice.


According to the Danish Sale of Goods Act, you have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days of purchase and have a full refund. Although in Danish, you can read more about your rights here.

In the event of a course cancelled by Henriette Johnsen, a full refund for that course will be given. However, The Good Expat Life cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred in advance by those attending.

The Good Expat Life will reserve the right to cancel courses with less than 4 people enrolled, and a full refund will be made. Once a course has commenced, sessions will run even if subject to participants not attending and refunds are not paid to individuals who may miss sessions.